The National Bible Curriculum 

is a set of bible studies that have been written especially with Medical/Dental/Healthcare students in mind.

The National Curriculum is designed to encourage you in your relationship with the Lord, and your service to the Lord, through the many challenges and the many opportunities that your training, and future profession, will present you Studies have been written to facilitate specific application of Scripture to the health care setting.

At present there are 15 modules, each containing 2-10 studies per module.

What is the National Bible Curriculum? 

Index to the Curriculum 

Module A - Why meet as Christians in Health Care

Module B - Questions of Faith and Practice

Module C - Back to Basics - Being 're-amazed' by Jesus; 3 studies from John

Module D - Back to Basics - Just for Starters by Matthias Media

Module E - Prayer as a very busy student in a very busy world

Module F - Living the Psalms as a Health Care Student

Module G - What Does God Have to say about doing exams?

Module H - "Being Distinctive" - A Cornerstone of being Missional as an Australian Health Care Student

Module I - Giving Answers worth hearing: Defending the Christian Faith as a Health Care Student

Module J - Using Financial Gain from Healthcare for the Glory of God

Module K - Dealing with suffering;  The hostile world of 1 Peter

Module L - Is it worth going to work?

Module M - Beyond Graduation

Module N - Christmas and Easter Module