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National CMDFA Annual Conference for medical & dental students & recent graduates


IMPACT is a calibration point, to keep you solid in your faith and shape your thinking as future health professionals with Bible teaching, electives, Global Health missions expo, small group discussions, prayer, testimony, fun.

IMPACT is a community, where lifelong friendships are made in your Christian healthcare cohort.

IMPACT is a space, where God will meet you and change you as you give Him this time.

IMPACT is a weekend to be inspired as you meet older doctors and dentists, mentors who are role models in integrating faith and practice in mission and here in Australia in all specialities.

The IMPACT Story - Way back in the last century, seven med-dental students from three states of Australia met at a CMDFA National conference. They were the only students there, and the year was 1999. The students prayed and talked through the night, and God planted in their hearts a vision for a new generation of young Christians in medicine and dentistry rising up to declare that they would be “solid in faith and radical in obedience” in following Jesus Christ, determined to make an impact for Him in the realm of healthcare, in Australia and the world. With that vision still captivating them, six months later, in the new millennium, 70 students from every state and every medical campus gathered, at the first IMPACT, in Canberra. THE IMPACT STORY  (Presentation - 15th anniversary, 2014)

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