Campus Ministries 2017

Campus Ministries 2017


Bond Christian Students

Bond Christian Students comprises of students studying MBBS and other courses at Bond University, seeking to pursue and live out our lives for Christ; in particular how this may look like during our studies or work. We meet up regularly for bible study and also have other events throughout our semester for recreation, outreach and also a speakers night.

UQ Christians in Medicine

We are a non-denominational bible study and fellowship group that meets regularly at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. This year, our vision is "To know and live out the gospel, to present Christ to others". We would love to have you join us as we read the Bible and seek to live in a way that is pleasing to Him.

Contact details: Bartholomew Purcell

Facebook group: UQ Christians in Medicine

Griffith Christian Medical Students

Griffith Christian Medical Students is a group of Christian medical students who meet on campus weekly to study God’s word and to fellowship with one another. We regularly attend meetings with the Bond medicine group, which are filled with encouraging talks, worship and prayer. We are also a part of a larger Christian group on campus, Griffith Christian Students (affiliated with AFES). Please contact us if you’d like to join or find out more about us!

Contact details: 



We are UNDS students who follow Jesus Christ. Campus activities: We meet every Monday lunchtime to encourage each other in our faith & to integrate this with our studies. 

Outreach events: Easter & 2nd semester BBQ


We are a group of Christians who meet a few times a year to support and encourage each other in our studies. Our aim is to talk about Jesus, medicine and how they intersect. 

Purpose: Unifying and encouraging Western Sydney University medical students to share the gospel their contexts.

Campus activities & prayer points: Welcome event 07/03/16. Prayer for organising & forming their service team.


Campus activities: Med & dental faculty run their own bible studies but are connected to the EU (evangelical union) at USyd.

Prayer points:

Pray that our Bible studies would be fruitful, and that the Lord would fill us with a desire to serve Him first in all things, and not to neglect meeting together or putting aside the Word by which we are to live daily.

Pray that He would fill us with His Spirit to be bold in proclaiming the gospel to our faculty, and friends, despite their despising us for it.

Pray for the events (med weekend away, dialogue dinners with non-christians, faculty barbeques), that the Lord’s hand would be upon them for His glory.



Campus activities & prayer points:

24 Feb - Outreach at Orientation Day for 1st Year Med students (this went pretty well and we have a list of first years who we're planning to follow up on)

7 March - Christians in Med welcome dinner

Later in the year - 1st and 2nd year getaway/retreat

Affiliated with CBS (our campus Christian group). We're involved in the normal CBS activities such as bible studies, bible talks and theology, as well as the main camp during the year (MYC).  


Canberra Christians in Medicine is a group of Christian medical students from the Greater Canberra region who love Jesus and have a great desire to shine the light of Christ within the medical profession in the ACT. We run many social events and currently offer a mentoring program between Canberra Christian medical doctors and ANU medical students. For more information, please contact Teisa Holani or Kristi Swan

South Australia

Adelaide University – Christian Dental Fellowship

Adelaide University Christian Dental Fellowship (CDF) is a group comprising of undergraduate dental students who meet weekly to read God's word and discuss the relevance to us both in our personal lives but within the clinical setting. We aim to grow in God's word together through these studies, prayer groups and social and community volunteering events throughout the year. Our topical speaker events include themes such as ‘Integrating Faith and Practice’. All are welcome to join and find out more.


Adelaide University – Christian Medical Students

Adelaide University Christian Medical Students comprises of preclinical and clinical students from the undergraduate MBBS program who want to make Jesus known. Preclinical students partner with our local AFES group on campus, ES North Terrace, to run weekly bible study groups, prayer groups and public meetings. Camps and evangelistic events are also held throughout the year that both preclinical and clinical can be part of. Clinical students are involved in hospital prayer meetings with doctors and have run topical events in the past such as “Navigating life as a Christian Doctor Q&A”.

Contact: Samantha Ong

Flinders University – Flinders Uni Christian Medical Students

This group comprises of postgraduate students who meet for bible studies and to share a hearty dinner fortnightly. We meet off campus. Being established recently, we are keen to grow together and to reach out to others in the med school.

Contact: Kate Johnson


Melbourne University Fellowship (medical and dental) 

1. To have faithful Christian groups bearing witness to Christ across the various hospital and campus mission fields. 

2. To facilitate unity and fellowship between year levels and hospitals and create a culture of Christian mentorship. 

3. To Melbourne University students and graduates for a lifetime of willing service in the healthcare mission field. 

4. To bring spiritual revival in the Melbourne Medical and Dental network by proclamation of Jesus' Lordship to the glory of God. 

We facilitate site-based prayer and Bible fellowships. The first year medical students (MD1s) meet on Parkville campus while the MD2/3/4s meet at the different clinical school sites (Royal Melbourne, Austin, St Vincent's. Northern, Western, and Rural hospitals). The hospital-based fellowships are coordinated by one or two MD2 students. In June of each year, we hold a 3-day CMDFA morning prayer conference with speakers and student-led prayer sessions at the Melbourne Convention Centre prior to the start of each conference day at the MD Student Conference. Throughout the year there is an effort to bring different year groups together for prayer, fellowship and thanksgiving events. Christian Dental Fellowship (CDF) runs regular prayer and Bible studies for the dental students. There are events throughout the year in which both CDF and the medical fellowship come together.

Latrobe Christian Dental Group 

We are a very new group comprising  of dental students who meet up weekly to study the bible and pray together. Our purpose is to encourage each other and spur one another on to love and good works, and to reflect Christ in all aspects of life. We pray Christ will be evident in our everyday actions as dental students so that in all things He may be glorified. Drop us a line if you're in Bendigo and wish to join us!

Christian Dental Fellowship (VIC UniMelb Dent) 

Christian Dental Fellowship (CDF) Melbourne Uni is a group of Christian dental and oral health students who meet up weekly to encourage one another through bible studies, discussion, prayer and fellowship.Throughout the year we also aim to have events with the Latrobe dentistry students and dental grads to help build a Christ-like community outside of dental school. All are welcome! 

Aleisha is a final year dentistry student who has a passion to see students grow in their faith and maintain their walk with Christ throughout their time at uni. She hopes to see CDF develop further as a Christ-like community with each passing year!

MCMS (Monash Christian Medical Students)

MCMS (Monash Christian Medical Students) is a group of passionate Christians from Monash University who want to strengthen their faith through medical school and be a light on the campus. We hold weekly Bible Studies on campus, monthly gatherings for prayer, discussions and fellowship and organise events such as Ethics or Career nights to focus on particular aspects of living our faith in our studies and work. If you are looking for a spiritual family at Monash, please come join us!

Faye is a fourth year medical student who joined CMDFA because she wanted to find a network of christians who shared her experiences in medical school and who she could pray and grow spiritually together with. Since joining, she has seen God's work through the various ministries of CMDFA and desires for all students to be involved in this network so they can grow together and support each other in the sometimes challenging walk through medical school.

Western Australia

(UWA and UND)

SMA was started in 1992 by a group of Christian medical students from UWA. It has now grown to include medical students from UND (WA) as well as students from different health-related courses. SMA stands for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were three faithful men from the biblical book of Daniel. They were thrown into a fiery furnace for defying the authority of their time by refusing to bow down and worship an idol of gold. But God was with them and protected them from the heat of the furnace, saving them from death. In our studies, we are faced with the temptation to surrender to all sorts of things that would draw us away from God. This year, SMA’s vision is to be a family of healthcare students who are committed to following Christ above all else by serving others and making him known. To this end, SMA students meet regularly to study God’s word, pray for one another, and encourage one another to press on, through bible study and various events, both large and intimate.