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Intern Boot Camp  

Invitation to a Boot Camp in your state - January 2016

This new and specific ministry targets medical students who have just graduated from university,
about to embark on the beginning of their working life as a medical doctor. 

During this one day workshop, local residents and registrars will share their experiences working in the public hospital system and the interns will have a chance to share fears and expectations.  

Practical tips and ways to maintain spiritual growth and vitality will be explored and CMDFA resources will be shared.  

What Participants liked

  • Lots of different topics, lots of different speakers so it kept things interesting
  • The balance of both medical and spiritual advice
  • The honesty by the trainers in sharing their testimonies
  • The free food
  • Lots of stories told about intern year
  • Getting to know other Christian interns  

What Participants learnt

  • I'm not alone, my hesitations are shared by everyone, including current interns, and were shared by now reg's who were once interns
  • There was a great reminder of us needing to continue to trust and rely on God in our intern year. The importance of having a deep personal relationship with God
  • Practical intern tips were useful (e.g. in Alice's session, Lee's session) 

General comment

Thank you so much for organising this internship boot camp! It was such a wonderful event and I felt I've leant a lot. Thanks you for sharing your personal stories during internship! It really helped me to gain more insight and felt much better prepared for difficult situations that might arise this year. I really appreciate your time and effort in putting the sessions together and the notes were really really helpful too! Especially commonly prescribed drugs, I'm still learning them :)  

Victorian Boot Camp held 4th January 2014

Upcoming Boot Camps - January 2016

Victoria - 9am - 5pm, 2nd January - GO Evangelical Church, Box Hill North

NSW  - 9:30am - 5pm, 23rd January - Wentworthville Anglican Church