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Arthur Pennington 10th May 1927 - 26 March 2017

(submitted by Alice Steele-Smith)

Arthur was a much loved and loyal member of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship, later CMDFA, since its earliest years.   
Arthur graduated from Sydney University in 1951. Since childhood he was eager to serve as a medical missionary. After Hospital years he joined the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (O.M.F.) and went to Thailand to work in the Christian Hospital at Manarom. He served there for 16 years, most of that time with his wife Margaret.   

Following their return to Australia, Arthur joined a general practice in Parramatta and worked there for 35 years. He and Margaret retired to a Baptist Village in Marsfield and Arthur continued there after her death, always sharing his faith with others.   

He was a faithful member of CMDFA, serving on committee for several years.   

Arthur was a humble servant of God, always sharing his faith.    

He was eager to be with his Lord, and in his last weeks was joyful in sharing this hope with his family, fellow OMF members, and friends.   

We thank God for his life of faithful service.