Cooma Breakaway 2017

On the weekend of the 22nd of July, the Canberra Christians in Medicine group had a wonderful weekend in Cooma, generously hosted by local doctors who are a part of the CMDFA. It was a time of fellowship and discussion, with insightful and challenging talks from a number of doctors, as we gathered to encourage each other in our faith.  

As well as medical students from the Australian National University and the Oceania University of Medicine, we were joined by doctors from both Canberra and Cooma and (for the first time!) a local dentist. It was fantastic to catch up with old friends, and meet some new faces. 

The first of the presentations was an interactive session on taking a spiritual history. We discussed the importance of asking patients the questions “Do you have a faith?” and “How important is this faith in your life?” Following this, Dr Effie Parakilas talked us through the topic of contraception, and how an individual’s views of when life begins will affect the contraceptives they are willing to use, and to prescribe. It was incredibly eye opening to see such a direct connection between physiology and pharmacology, and how we walk out our faith. To close the formalities, Dr Rob Wiles led a session on maintaining faith in a secular world, which was both insightful and practical. 

Thank you very much to the CMDFA for sponsoring the event, and the generous doctors and medical students in Cooma who opened their homes (and their kitchens) to us. Cooma Breakaway has become an annual event in the Canberra Christians in Medicine calendar, and continues to be such a blessing and an encouragement to everyone who attends.