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Luke's Journal of Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia 

Luke’s Journal is published three to four times a year by the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia Inc. (CMDFA).

The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the CMDFA. Articles are reviewed by the editors and members of the editorial committee. Material published in the Journal is subject to copyright. Requests for permission to reproduce any part thereof for purposes other than private study should be directed to the editors.

Additional copies for passing on to interested colleagues can be obtained from the national office or Branch Secretaries. Subscription of Luke’s Journal is included within the CMDFA Membership. It is also offered to libraries and hospitals at the price of $60 per year including postage within Australia. Enquiries should be directed to the National office.

Luke's Journal Database (pdf articles)

Latest Editions 


Pre-edition     March 2020             Coronavirus (pre-edition articles)

Vol 25 No 1 January 2020 #CMDFAlyf


Vol 24 No 2 Sep 2019 Laughter is the Best Medicine

Vol 24 No 1 May 2019 Hot Topics #2


Vol 23 No 3 December 2018 Hot Topics #1

Vol 23 No 2 June 2018 Disarming Disability

Vol 23 No 1 January 2018 Pain and Faith


Vol 22 No 2 September 2017 Healthy Service

Vol 22 No 1 March 2017 Mentoring Passing on the Baton


Vol 21 No 3 December 2016    Healthy Hope 

Vol 21 No 2 September 2016   Life Before Birth

Vol 21 No 1 April 2016                    Family Matters    Cover


Vol 20 No 2 November 2015 Standing Together in the Public Square

Vol 20 No 1 February 2015      You are what you eat 


Vol 19 No 2 September 2014    Integral mission or holistic transformation 

Vol 19 No 1 April 2014            History taking and History making


Vol 18 No 2 August 2013        Conscience in medicine 

Vol 18 No 1 April 2013            Complementary Medicine/Dentistry