CMDFA Mentoring Training

CMDFA has developed a series of training videos for mentors and mentees embarking on Christian mentoring. While we recognise that these videos are not exhaustive, we hope they provide basic training of principles underlying Christian mentoring, particularly in healthcare.

These videos depict Kara Martin, a previous staff worker with CMDFA and lecturer at Ridley College with vast experience in Christian mentoring.

  1. Introduction to Christian mentoring (7 minutes) - link 
  2. Practical Approaches to Christian mentoring (7 minutes) - link
  3. Aspects of Christian mentoring (8 minutes) - link
  4. Practical Tips for Mentors: Part I (5 minutes) - Designed for mentors - link
  5. Practical Tips for Mentors: Part II (7 minutes) - Designed for mentors - link 
  6. Practical Advice for Mentees (5 minutes) - Designed for mentees - link

If you have any thoughts or comments, there is a link provided under each YouTube video to provide feedback. You can also let us know at

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