End of life care seminar

A Medical and Biblical Response to Euthanasia

Presented by Dr. Megan Best and Dr. Andrew Sloane

Increasingly our members are being faced with the fact that the legislative environment is becoming more hostile to the Christian values that our members hold dear.

This is particularly true with regard to legislation surrounding euthanasia, passed into law in Victoria, and an active issue in other states.

The legislative environment is not helped by a widespread ignorance among the public surrounding the whole issue of end of life care and the contrast between palliative care and euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide.

CMDFA is seeking to equip our members so that they can present to their church congregations and possibly their local communities our approach as Christian Medical healthcare professionals to this important question.

To this end Dr. Megan Best and Dr. Andrew Sloane gave a presentation "End of Life care" to a group of interested members in Newcastle and Sydney.

To make these extremely valuable information sessions available to our nationwide fellowship, the Sydney session was recorded and has bee delivered in 6 podcasts so that they are a convenient length for future listeners. 

Link to Podcasts

Please click on the link provided, additional compassionate response to the question of end of life care.

Euthanasia Slides - Megan Best

Euthanasia Talk - Megan Best

Conceptual Analysis of Suffering - Megan Best

Medicine and End-of-life Care Presentation - Andrew Sloane

Medicine and End-of-life Care Document - Andrew Sloane 

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