Every Christian doctor, dentist and health worker has a unique opportunity to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of their patients. There is now a growing recognition in the medical literature of the important and beneficial ink between spirituality and health. Yet, many Christian healthcare workers remain unsure how to integrate their faith and practice within the constraints of their daily schedule and how to practically and gracefully fulfill God's call to be witnesses in the workplace (Acts 1:8).

The Saline Process Training

In our contact with patients we are called to be 'salt of the earth' - flavouring life with grace rather than being silent or insensitively communicating the truth. The Saline Process disciples, trains and coaches healthcare workers to skillfully and confidently assess the spiritual condition of the patient.

By providing practical tools, the Saline Process enables participants to personalise an approach to share the love of Jesus according to each patient’s needs. After completing the Saline Process, participants should be able to assess a patient’s attitude toward Christ and know how to respond appropriately, applying the ethical principles of permission, sensitivity and respect. Key questions addressed during the training are:

1)      Why is faith important in healthcare?

2)      What are the opportunities and barriers to fulfilling God’s call?

3)      What is my role?

4)      What are the tools I can use to cultivate, sow and harvest?

5)      Where do we go from here?

The Saline Process includes witness training (either in-person or via video-conferencing), as well as follow-up communications, mentoring, coaching and further equipping opportunities for those interested in teaching the course themselves. For more information about the training, contact your local Saline Process trainer or the CMDFA Office.

The International Saline Partnership

The Saline Process initially became available through a partnership established by Dr Bob Snyder, Dr Gábor Győri and other friends in Hungary. Since then, these friends have joined together in the ministry of IHS Global, an organisation with the mission to equip Christian as witnesses for Jesus, in healthcare beyond. Since then, IHS Global, CMDFA and others have joined together in the International Saline Partnership, a coalition that has carried the training forward in an ever increasing range of settings and countries. So far, the training has helped thousands of Christian health workers to be more comfortable and adept at
practising medicine that addresses the needs of the whole person. Members of the partnership include CMDFA, the International Christian Medical and Dental Association, Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia, CMF UK, the Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India and HealthCareFellowship International.

Together, the International Saline Partnership organisations have agreed to the following:

A SHARED VISION: For every Christian healthcare worker to participate in the Great Commission.

A SHARED MISSION: To equip healthcare workers throughout the world to be witnesses for Christ in their workplaces.

A SHARED PRIORITY: To pray and work faithfully toward our mission.

A SHARED TOOL: To use IHS Global’s tool, the Saline Process

Saline Process Online Training (S.P.O.T.)

The Saline Process training programs are usually delivered live by qualified trainers (either in-person or via video-conferencing). A free, self-paced online version is also available as a useful pre- or post-course supplement to the live courses. We highly recommend the live training as the gold standard but for anyone unable to attend one of those courses, SPOT can be an invaluable alternative.

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