Medical Missions Bibliography

2015-09 (updated)

Provided by Neil Thompson, MD

International Advocate for Medical Missions

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Christian Mercy: Compassion, Proclamation, and Power, David Thompson, Endurant Press, 2013

A Doctor Carries On, Thomas A. Lambie, Revell, 1942 (Dr. Lambie’s books relate stories of early medical missions in Sudan and Ethiopia.)

A Doctor Without a Country, Thomas A. Lambie, Revell; 3rd edition, 1939

A Doctor's Great Commission, Thomas A. Lambie, Van Kampen Press, 4th edition, 1954

From Death to Destiny, Harold P. Adolph, Vantage Press, 1990 (autobiography, regarding his medical work in Ethiopia)

Fiber Man: The Life Story of Dr. Denis Burkitt, Lion Publishing Corp., 1985 (the amazing story of the man who first described the tumor that came to be named after him—and who highlighted the importance of fiber in the diet)

Miracle at Tenwick: The Life of Dr Ernie Steury, Gregg Lewis, Discovery House Publishers, 2007 (The story of Tenwick Hospital in Kenya and its founder).

The Sword and The Scalpel, Lorry Lutz, Promise Publishing, 2nd edition, 1990 (biography of Dr. Robert Foster, pioneer medical missionary in Angola and Zambia).



Daktar: Diplomat in Bangladesh, Viggo Olsen, Moody Press, 1973 (Autobiography, story of Dr. Viggo Olsen, charismatic, pioneer medical missionary to Bangladesh)


Beyond the Stone Arches: An American Missionary Doctor in China, 1892-1932, Edward Bliss, Jr., John Wiley & Sons, 2000

Bill Wallace of China, Jesse C. Fletcher, CrossBooks Publishing, 2009 (the story of a medical missionary who was martyred for his faith)

China and Modern Medicine: A Study in Medical Missionary Development, Harold Balme, Church Missionary Society, 1921 (The rationale and origins of medical mission in China)

Dr. D. Duncan Main of Hangchow, Who is known in China as Dr. Apricot of Heaven Below, Kingston De Gruche, Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1930

A Foreign Devil in China, John Pollock, World Wide Publications, 1988 (life of missionary surgeon, L. Nelson Bell, Billy Graham’s father-in-law)

Grasping Heaven, Annelies and Einar Wilder-Smith, Deep River Books, 2010 (The story of Tami Fisk, “a young doctor’s journey to China and beyond”)

Harry Wyatt of Shansi, 1895-1938, Ernest A. Payne, Carey Press, 1939 (China)

A History of Protestant Missions in Shanxi, Andrew T. Kaiser, 2007 (Medical missions: pp. 44-52, 261-271 and passim)

Peter Parker and the Opening of China, Edward V. Gulick, Harvard Press, 1973 (Pioneer medical missionary, 1830s)

The Promise, Mary Teegardin, OMF Books, 2003 (Children’s book: a nurse’s adventures in China, leading up to the Communist takeover.)

Surgery Speaks to China: The Experience of a Medical Missionary to China in Peace and War, Paul E. Adolph, China Inland Mission, 1945

We Signed Away Our Lives: How One Family Gave Everything for the Gospel, Kari Torjesen Malcolm, IVP, 1990 (The story of Evergreen, Taiyuan, Shansi, China)


Doctor Sahib: Stories of an American Surgeon in India, Lawrence W. Norton, Xulon Press, 2012.

Dr. Ida, Dorothy C. Wilson, Hodder & Stoughton, 1959

Ethel Ambrose, Pioneer Medical Missionary: Poona and Indian Village Mission, Bombay Presidency, India, W. H. Hinton, Marshall Morgan and Scott, Ltd., 1930

Masked and Gowned, Lawrence W. Norton, Xulon Press, 2012

Palace of Healing: Dr. Claire Swain, First Woman Medical Missionary (In India) & The Hospital She Founded, Dorothy Clark Wilson, McGraw Hill, 1968

Punjab Pioneer, Charles Reynolds, Word Books, 1968 (The life of Edith Brown, founder of Ludhianna Medical Hospital, north India)

Rebekah Ann Naylor, M.D.: Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times, Camille Lee Hornbeck, Hannibal Books, 2008 (A story for this generation)

Ten Fingers for God, Dorothy C. Wilson, Paul Brand Publishing, 1989 (life of Paul Brand, pioneer leprosy surgeon and researcher, India)


With Stethoscope in Asia: Korea, Sherwood Hall, MCL Associates, 2010 (the story of two generations of medical missionaries in Korea)


Don’t Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees, Thomas Hale, Zondervan, 1986 (A missionary surgeon’s experience in Nepal, autobiographical)

Living Stones of the Himalayas, Thomas Hale, Zondervan, 1993. (His stories reveal the power of medical ministry in this remote, enchanted land.)

On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain, Thomas Hale, Zondervan, 1989 (Story of the Hales’ “experiences in bringing western medicine to people who distrust – even fear – the introduction of ideas different from their own”.)


Frontier Doctor: An Autobiography, Henry Holland, London: Hodder, 1958


A Promise is to Keep, Mary Teegardin, Christian Literature Crusade, 2000. (A missionary nurse’s adventures in China, Central and South Thailand.)

Doctor Number 49: Grace Warren of the Leprosy Mission, Grace Warren, SPCK—Australia, 2006 (Autobiography of leprosy and reconstructive surgery specialist who served in Hong Kong, Thailand, India and on to most of the rest of the world! Affectionately called “Amazing Grace”.)

Mo Bradley and Thailand, Donald C. Lord, Eerdmanns, 1969 (Life of Dan Beach Bradley, pioneer medical missionary, 1835-1860s)

More Than Skin Deep, Margaret Armitage, OMF Books, 1988 (True story of two leprosy patients and pioneer medical missions in Central Thailand)

Paddy Field Hospital: The Story of Manorom, Catherine Maddox, Lutterworth Press, ca. 1960 (The story of the origins of Manorom Christian Hospital)

Seeking Cure for Body and Soul: a Case Study of Leprosy Missions in Thailand, Timothy Lee Skinner, MTh. Thesis, Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth TX, 2000.

Turbulence and Toe-holds, Stephen Hayes, OMF Publishers, 1991 (life of Dr. Christopher Maddox, founder of Manorom Christian Hospital)


Pioneer in Tibet: The Life and Perils of Dr. Albert Shelton, Douglas A. Wissing, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004




Wilfred Grenfell: His Life and Work, J. Lennox Kerr, Dodd, Mead & Company, 1959


Other, General, Academic

Ask A Missionary: Time-Tested Answers from Those Who’ve Been There Before, John McVay, IVP Books, 2012

Beyond Medicine: What Else You Need to Know to Be a Healthcare Missionary, David Stevens, CMDA, 2012 (What I wish I had known 35 years ago!)

The Contribution of Medical Missions: The Intercultural Transfer of Standards and Values, Christoffer H. Grundmann, in Academic Medicine (vol. 66, no. 12, p. 731), 1991.

The Cross and the Scalpel, James Hefley, Word Books, 1971 (Medical mission stories from around the world, such as Bolivia, Yemen, Vietnam, Mexico, Haiti and Tanzania.)

God, Medicine, and Miracles: The Spiritual Factor in Healing, Daniel E. Fountain, Shaw Books, 2000

Health, the Bible and the Church, Daniel E. Fountain, Emis, Billy Graham Center, 1989

Healthcare and hospitals in the mission of the church, Christian History, Issue 101, Christian History Institute, 2011

Jesus, MD: A Doctor Examines the Great Physician, David Stevens, Zondervan, 2001

Joshua Project: Unreached Peoples of the World: 

A Legacy Remembered: A Century of Medical Missions, Sophie M. Crane, Providence House, 1998

Medical Missionaries You Would Like to Know, Dorothy Clark Haskin, Zondervan, 1957 (Selected medical missionaries from around the world)

On Being a Missionary, Thomas Hale, William Carey Library Pub, 2003

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When Healthcare Hurts: An Evidence Based Guide For Best Practices In Global Health Initiatives, Greg Seager, Author House, 2012

The World the Missionaries Made, Andrea Dilley, in Christianity Today, January 2014.


Neil O. Thompson, MD
International Advocate for Medical Missions 
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